Anchors for Farm Buildings and Horse Shelters

Anchors for Farm Buildings and Horse Shelters

October 12, 2021

Wondering how to anchor structures designed for the farm? Customers primarily use the following easy-to-install, heavy duty and load-tested anchors to successfully secure shelters, sheds, horse barns, grain bins, and small buildings to the ground:

  • Arrowheads: 3-inch and 4-inch steel with Quickvise or Thimble Loop
  • Bullets: 3-inch steel with Quickvise
  • Penetrators: PE10, PE18 and PE18SQ, PE26, PE36, PE46-Hex

American Earth Anchors are easy to install, heavy duty, and load tested. Penetrators screw right into the ground. For cabled anchors, you'll use a drive rod to drive the anchor into the soil. The anchor's cable tail follows it down, and when at depth, the cable is pulled back to rotate and lock the anchor. Popular cable tie-off methods include thimble loop, cable clamps.  Download the Shed Anchor brochure for installation ideas and options.  (A must read.)

Read complete instructions from a customer who used our Arrowhead anchors for his barn installation: