How to Anchor a Basketball Hoop

How to Anchor a Basketball Hoop

April 15, 2022

This easy-to-install and heavy-duty guying system has incredible holding strength. One of our customers had a basketball hoop post that was leaning forward. They anchored it straight again by using the following tools and equipment:

  (2) PE36 Penetrator anchors

  Impact wrench


  Guying wire

  Wrench, wire cutters


It took just a few minutes to drive each Penetrator anchor. The hard part for this customer was developing the guying system with cables and turnbuckles. In the end, they were quite happy using Penetrator anchors as a solution!


Because Penetrator anchors are easy to remove as well as easy to install, they can be used to anchor portable basketball goals as well.


Be sure to check our load capacity charts for holding strength.