How to Anchor a Pop-Up Canopy Tent – A Customer Story

How to Anchor a Pop-Up Canopy Tent – A Customer Story

June 26, 2024

One of our customers,, recently held their annual 30-day public awareness campaign to shed light on the alarming rate of veterans' suicides due to delayed support. Two tents served as the heart of their operation, offering shelter to visitors and a platform to educate the public about preventing veteran suicides.


The tan canopy tent, crucial for their outreach efforts, was secured with 9-inch Penetrator anchors from American Earth Anchors. These anchors, strategically placed at each corner, were a safeguard against the unpredictable winds. Each anchor was meticulously set to ensure it could withstand the forces that threatened to lift the tent.


Their experience with securing tents had been a journey of trial and error. Previous attempts with various stakes—screw-in tent pegs, candy cane rebar, even 20 penny nails—had failed to keep their 10 by 10 popup tent grounded. Its openness on one side made it vulnerable to winds, especially when gusts blew in through the open door.


A breakthrough came when one team member recalled using 10-inch Penetrators from American Earth Anchors for a larger canopy during camping trips. Realizing the potential, they swiftly deployed these anchors for the popup tent. Positioned at an angle, the anchors not only prevented liftoff but also added stability to the frame itself.


As the campaign progressed, enduring multiple rainstorms and wind gusts reaching up to 40 mph, the anchored tents stood firm. The ratchet straps remained taut and undisturbed, testament to the effectiveness of the earth anchors in diverse terrains—soft grassy fields and gravel lots alike.


Their practicality extended beyond tents. The same reliable anchors secured a towering 20-foot flagpole displaying three flags proudly. Attached to an 18-inch metal plate and secured with four 10-inch Penetrators, the pole had weathered even harsher conditions—sustaining through intense rainstorms and winds clocking up to 75 mph.


Reflecting on their setup, it was clear the Penetrators not only provided physical stability but also mirrored their mission: steadfast support for veterans in times of need. Each anchored tent and flagpole symbolized hope and resilience, a beacon of strength against the challenges faced by veterans.