How to Brace a Fence for High Winds

How to Brace a Fence for High Winds

April 11, 2023

The best way to ensure a fence will withstand strong winds is to reduce wind resistance or wind load by creating space for wind to pass through. If that’s not possible, we love the fence stabilizer systems created by Triangle Power Systems to brace common wood stockade privacy fences.  


They offer retractable and bi-directional options and use our PE26 Penetrator anchors because they are easy to install and remove and hold in a variety of soil types from sandy to rocky soil. We recommend using an auger bit to pre-drill the hole in the ground, as pre-drilling pilot holes prior to installation can alert you to large rocks in the earth if you are unsure how rocky it is underneath the topsoil. Depending on the soil type, anchors can actually "push aside" rocks (up to softball/grapefruit sized) during the installation process.


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