Pre-Drilling Holes for Earth Anchors - Auger Bit Sizing Guide

October 5, 2023

Pre-drilling pilot holes for anchors prior to installation is highly recommended for ashphalt, hard clay, gravel surfaces and rocky soil. Pre-drilling will alert you to obstacles like boulders, roots, rocks, and undetected pipes in the earth. Depending on the soil type, pre-drilling anchors can actually "push aside" rocks (up to softball/grapefruit sized) during the installation process. Buy or rent an auger bit that is smaller than the width of the anchor threads You want to make sure the threads have something to “bite” into.

Here’s an auger bit size guide for our Penetrator lineup:

  • PE 9: ¾"
  • PE PE 10: 1"
  • PE 14-Hex: 1"
  • PE 18: 1"
  • PE18SQ: 1"
  • PE26: 1"
  • PE36: 2"
  • PE46-Flat: 2"
  • PE46-Guy: 2"
  • PE46-Hex: 2"
  • PE46-Hex8: 2"